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digital divide noun

the economic, educational, and social inequalities between those who have computers and online access and those who do not.       

              -Merriam Webster Dictionary

Shrinking the digital divide is no easy task. 

But one computer at a time, we hope to make a difference.

Here's our method: 


Millions of computers used by businesses and school districts are frequently updated, leaving older versions of computers in storage or collecting dust. Through partnerships with local organizations we receive and fix these older models from companies in our area. While these devices may be e-waste in the United States, they are highly valuable products in many countries. 


After checking that each computer functions smoothly, we pack computers, monitors, and accessories to be shipped in a container across the ocean. When containers complete their journey and arrive abroad, we facilitate the receiving of the computers. 


We send volunteers to install the computers we send in the schools we partner with. It is important that each computer is tested after shipment. Our volunteer teams work with local communities to ensure correct installation of computer stations and offer technical support while abroad and visiting the schools. 

2019 Ghana Trip 

In July/August of 2019, we distributed 

547 computers 


25 schools 

in the Volta Region of Ghana, 


6574+ students.



We partner with the Cultural Technological Environmental Exchange (CTEE), an organization which collects used technology and has performed shipments similar to The Five North Project. It is led by Mike Jaeger and sponsored by West Ottawa High School in Holland, Michigan. In preparation for our 2019 shipment, Mike provided computers for our shipment, helped prepare the computers, gave ample advice to Five North, assisted with logistics, and much more.

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